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Apollo is the fastest way to bring back that show room shine. This Waterless Wash & Wax formula combines safe and effective cleaning ingredients to remove light dust and dirt from your vehicle. In addition, the formula provides a layer of wax to provide your vehicle with a protective and polished finish, and all while preventing scratches.

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Our Waterless Wash and Wax system combines safe and effective cleaning ingredients to remove light dust and dirt from your vehicle to ensure you get a professional grade clean.

  • Protection – Our formula contains Carnauba Wax which provides a layer of wax to your vehicle creating a protective and polished finish that allows for perfect water beading and UV protection.
  • Eco Friendly – No silicone or ingredients of a similar kind used, as well as no wash-residue and effluent build-up, we make sure that the environment is never perturbed by the product itself.
  • Convenient – Most cars can be exceptionally cleaned within 15 minutes without the need for a hose, buckets, or a high water bill. Just spray, wipe, and buff!
  • Includes – Premium Quality Micro Fiber Towel and Spray Trigger.

2 reviews for Apollo Waterless Wash and Wax

  1. Randy

    I tried this product from a link on on my Instagram account and was a little sceptical at first. Turned out to be exactly what it said it would be. Will reorder when my bottle is done

  2. Jose

    Just used this today on our white and black Audi TT and it worked a treat. I was a little apprehensive at first but I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results. This product saves me so much time compared to the way I used to clean my car using a bucket and hose. Very happy with the high quality of finish and after one clean I still have over half of the bottle left. Amazing!

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