Pure Shine is a unique formula that allows you to effortlessly clean your tires and get a high gloss shine that lasts. It has been carefully engineered to make it an easy application and prevent spattering. It’s never been easier to get that wet tire look.

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Our unique Tire Shine Spray is designed to offer maximum protection as well as a gloss shine that makes tires look brand-spanking new once again. We have ensured it will outlast the competition and give your tires maximum protection.

  • Protection – Helps to solidify the tire overall protection without damaging the integrity of the wheel in any way, shape or form. Helps prevent cracking by bonding the rubber.
  • Convenient – Easy to apply! Sparingly spray the tire, and even out with the provided applicator for a high gloss, wet look shine that lasts.
  • Eco Friendly – All our formulas have no silicone or ingredients of a similar kind used. No water means no wash-residue and effluent build-up, we make sure that the environment is never perturbed by the product itself.
  • Includes – Professional Tire Dressing Applicator and Spray Trigger.



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