Summit is an Interior Detailer designed to quickly leave the inside of your car looking and feeling fresh and new. This powerful formula will rip through any dirt or grease in your car’s interior, immediately leaving it in pristine condition.

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Our Interior Detailer is a unique formula designed to help clean just about any aspect of the interior of your vehicle. This easy to work with cleaning tool operates to get rid of grease and dirt build-ups.

  • Multi Surface – The Interior Shine Formula is safe and effective on any surface of your vehicle’s interior. This includes plastic, leather, metal, and chrome finishes.
  • Convenient – With three simple steps you can effectively clean any section of your vehicles interior within seconds. Just spray, wipe, and buff!
  • Eco Friendly – All our formulas have no silicone or ingredients of a similar kind used. No water means no wash-residue and effluent build-up, we make sure that the environment is never perturbed by the product itself.
  • Includes – Premium Quality Micro Fiber Towel and Spray Trigger.


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